How It Works

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bidwedge is the best way to get a great deal on your unwanted foreign currency! We currently accept:

Just follow these simple steps

  • 1
    How Much?
    Add up your foreign notes to see how much you want to convert into £££’s and use the online calculator below to check how much we’ll pay you
  • 2
    Paypal or Bank Transfer?
    Decide how you want to be paid – either via PayPal or by bank transfer and complete our simple application form
  • 3
    Order Confirmation
    Print off your order confirmation or simply put the transaction ID on the back of the envelope when you send your foreign notes to us
  • 4
    Prepare the Envelope
    Write our freepost address on the envelope – no need to add a stamp
  • 5
    Send Your Money
    Just pop it in the nearest post box – your cash is insured!

Selling up to £30?

For amounts up to £30, we’ll pay you immediately. Transactions over £30 will be settled the same day we receive your foreign notes.
bidwedge really is the simplest way to exchange foreign currency.
Let’s get started!